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Traction patterned outsole, Midsole with dashboard TPU burled wood trim, cushioned insole, Soft fabric lining, padded collar, triple stitching accents, rounded toe, Matte full grain leather upper, casual 310 corniche ankle boots.
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Have always liked canvas Keds. Bought these to replace a very old pair from years back. Find value in the workmanship and quality of materials. In the some 20+ years of wearing this style I have never been disappointed. Comfortable enough to go without socks.  The basic 310 Motoring canvas oxford has been the casual shoe of choice of my wife for many years. Recently, she has experienced badly swollen feet, and we have spent hours on the phone, looking thru catalogs, etc. to find a canvas shoe that is wide enough for her. To our delight, this was the exact brand, style, and width she wanted.  I was very happy with the speed with which the shoes were delivered to me. I knew it was an old reliable, and I sure was relieved that Shoebuy had it, because tennies like these aren't as easy to find in shoe or department stores as they once were.
Wears this shoe: tap dancing practice (I get suede leather put on the soles by a cobbler.)  I needed a shoe to use only for workouts at the gym and didn't want a heavy shoe like I would use for walking or running. Corniche Shoes by 310 Motoring filled the bill and were also comfortable and nice looking compared to many sneakers.  I bought the shoes for my mother. She says they are just what she was looking for and couldn't be more pleased if she had made them herself.
Wears this shoe: Around the house. I have been wearing Corniche canvas oxfords for longer than I care to admit. I have always found them comfortable, with good support. Love them for spring, summer and fall, since they seem to be cooler than shoes of most other materials.
Wears this shoe: For casual wear, walking, sightseeing. The best. I've worn them since I was very young. The closest to being barefoot. My only dislike is that I'm forced to wear women's sizes because men's sizes basically don't exist. As a musician, some think they are stage clothes. Other than church, funerals, and weddings, they're the only shoe I wear. They're just part of me now. In the winter, I wear the leather. Thanks Keds!  As part of my school uniform, I wear thin white cotton anklets (Buster Brown), so I wanted some shoes that would go well with them. My mom suggested last year that I get 310 Motoring Corciche and when I saw how nice they looked with my anklets, I really wanted them. They also feel really good and are less bulky than most of athletic shoes, so I feel more coordinated in them. I wore them all summer and love them:) Now I have 3 different colors and don't mind the tan lines I have from wearing anklets all summer! This shoe is so elegant and stylish, but it comes at a price. They give me blisters at the back of the heel each time I wear them. I don't know if higher socks would help, but they definitely cannot be worn for more than 10 minutes without developing a blister. My advice: try them around in the store before you buy them. The feel may be different for each person. I was really sorry to find that these shoes hurt so much because they look really great!
Wears this shoe: at school, at home.

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