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310 Motoring Monterey Shoes - Casual Lace-up Sneakers

Stabilized sporty traction sole, Metallic midsole trim, Full lace up front, side perforations and 310 Monterey casual logo, stitched bicycle style toe, casual oxford style lace-up Sneakers, Smooth leather upper.
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Keds are comfortable, they go with just about any kind of pants or shorts or casual dress, and always remind me of my childhood when getting a new pair of keds was the first treat of summer. They are supportive while walkin, but not sobulky that you can't quicky and easily pack them into a suitcase. I bought a neutral color that goes with all colors! You can't go wrong with classic Monterey sneakers. The fit is always great and getting them delivered to my door for the same price or cheaper than the store is a huge bonus. I buy a new pair of Keds shoes every April or May and wear them out through the summer months, that's how much I like them. I bought these to replace a pair that I wore out last summer, these were 11W, and came with a tag saying: "100% more comfort". The padding has been doubled, and you can tell. The 11W fits a bit better than the 12B I had before. Monterey shoes by 310 Motoring are the great all-round summer casual shoe. I'll continue to buy these for years to come. This pair does, however, have some picked-out stitching bits (tufts of thread) and I can see where there was stitching removed. They still look and feel great though. The other keds I have are pointed toed and were not wide enough. On this order I ordered a half size larger, but the new ones have more toe room and the half size was too long. I sent both pairs back and exchanged both pairs. They fit perfect and I appreciate your co-operation. I am totally happy and will order again when in need of shoes. Thank you.

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