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Traction patterned outsole with side and toe wraps, Low profile midsole with TPU trim, removable sueded fabric topped insole, Smooth lining, Full lace up front, side and heel overlays, snake or croco printed leather toe, smooth custom-inspired casual. 310 Motoring Pace shoe.
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The only thing I don't like about my new Pace shoes by 310 Motoring is that they aren't built as strong as they they used to be... I don't believe they will last as long as my old ones did but they are the only tennis shoes I can wear, I am a diabetic and I do have trouble finding shoes, that feel good on my feet, and my feet aren't swollen yet. So I hope you keep on selling these shoes !!! The canvas needs to be thicker or something. They are also the only tennis shoes left that the toes aren't pointed as far as I know. At least I like them enough to go hunting even on the net for them.
Wears this shoe: I wear these shoes daily in the spring, summer, winter, fall. I have a difficult time finding 9.5 AA Keds, and I don't like wearing white because it makes my feet look bigger than they are.
Wears this shoe: Around the house mainly - possibly grocery shopping.  I have worn Keds for years. When Nordstroms stopped carrying them,I was bereft. I have a very difficult foot to fit (6NNN). I'm delighted to have found them again.
Wears this shoe: Around the house, for walking, picnics, etc. This is just the third time I have bought shoes here. I didn't know about this website until a few months ago. I am so glad I found it. These shoes (310 Motoring) are very comfortable. My Podiatrist recommended these basic sneakers because they are fairly flat, and have plenty of support without weight for walking and jogging.  I had another pair that I liked that I believe had a thicker sole. I bought them from another online shoe site and they were ten dollars more than these. I wish I had bought the others. They were much more comfortable. These leave my legs hurting at the end of the day. I've always loved Pace shoes. They are so comfortable. I like this old style so much I got it in a couple of different colors. Overall it's a great shoe and the range of sizes is so vast that anyone can find their size, I also like Avia sneakers, they are very comfortable too.
Wears this shoe: all the time I love the classic Keds, but they are very hard to find in the stores, especially in a wide width. Shoebuy always has them, and in a variety of colors. Something I would NEVER find at the stores in my area.
Wears this shoe: day time

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